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Meredith Gordon

Humorology Atlanta, Drive Forward
Founding member of Ha!

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Meredith Gordon: (He/His), Meredith Gordon is a clown, actor, and musician. Meredith fell in love with theater and circus at an early age. He taught himself to juggle as a teenager and developed a passion for theater as a college student. Over the past 30 years, Meredith has trained and worked as an actor and circus artist. He freelances as a circus artist who juggles, stiltwalks, clowns. In 2000 he became a medical clown with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit. He served as the supervisor for the Atlanta Clown Care Unit from 2012 to 2016. He is a founding member of Humorology Atlanta, which continues the laughter-giving work of medical clowning. He began working in social circus as a coach with Cirque du Monde in 2001 and continues his work as a circus educator. He is a 2019 recipient of the Tanne Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement by artists. In 2020 he joined the Board of Directors for Clowns Without Borders. He blogs at SqueezeTheClown.com.
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