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Spencer Mathey

Redlands, CA

My name is Spencer Mathey and I am a third generation circus performer. My grandfather, grandmother, mother, father, aunt, uncle, and sister all had a passion for the circus arts and actually all performed in the same circus over the years. My passion for performing and acrobatics started in 1993 when I joined the Great "Y" Circus in Redlands, CA. Over the years I got to learn so many different disciplines aspects of what it meant to be a performer and because of that I was able to sort of streamline my career as a professional. As the years went on I was able to to work with some fantastic people/companies and traveled across the United States doing what I loved to do, perform. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel with as far as China and Japan as well.

Since I was a young performer I always loved going to watch live Cirque du Soleil shows and always wanted to be a part of something like that! In 2012 I received an opportunity to join the incredibly talented cast of Le Reve - The Dream in Las Vegas, NV. This was essentially my dream come true when it came to being a professional performer and I can remember every moment performing on that stage in front of thousands of people 5 days a week for years. The world-class talent that existed on and off the stage was so inspiring to me and I used that inspiration each and every day to share my passion with others.

I was fortunate enough to learn many different skills over the years which is something that really helped me along the way when it came to auditions. My experiences, grouped with the individuals I met, really ended up positively shaping me as a person and significantly influenced who I am today. I also currently sit as Board Secretary of the Community Circus Arts Corporation (CCAC) in Redlands, CA as a way to give back to circus communities that I was a part of growing up. The circus arts did so much for me as a youth and served as such a strong foundation for what I wanted to do. I want to make sure there are driving forces providing youths the same opportunities that I had so anyone willing can experience their passions at the highest levels.
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